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Australian promo for 2x05 - The Blacklist. 

(sorry if its shitty quality….i was slightly overcome with emotion)

OH GOD. Aram calling Red! The fanfics are coming to life!








Spoiler Picture from 2x05 (x)

The type of scene that brought about the creation of fanfic.

And can you imagine the feels when he gets the call that she’s in the hospital? It’ll be like the time Ressler told him she’d been “detained”…times what? 1000?

*ahem* yes because this was slumbering somewhere on my harddrive …*scratches tiny scene and waits for the canon*

It is a Wednesday when his world stops.

It is March and sunny and he can still smell the cherry blossoms on Lafayette Square.

His phone rings and as he sees her number, he smiles. A small, warm smile that seems to spread into every fibre of his being, a smile only she can elicit on his face these days.

He takes the call and brings the device to his ear, tilting his head slightly. “Lizzie, what can I do for you?” he says, allowing her name to role dark and soft off his tongue.

There is a moment of silence, a distant crack in the static. It is that one last blissful moment that exists between ignorance and awareness, that single heartbeat until he hears Ressler’s voice.


One word. His name. It’s enough. He knows then, knows something has happened to her and feels himself pause, a man frozen in time.

“Reddington.” Ressler repeats, urgently, gravely.

He swallows. Once. Twice. It is a futile fight against the nausea rising in his throat.

“Is she alive?”  

“She is in surgery.”

He closes his eyes, the weight of the world suddenly too heavy on his shoulders. “What happened?”

“Sniper. We received a hint on Zanetakos. It was a trap. They brought her to the George Washington.” Ressler says in a staccato-voice, breathless. He has to be running now.

“You better come, Red.”


I’ve got one to selinabln. Here’s a snippet of the fic.

Red sat in the back of the car waiting for her to call, to report in. He kept checking his watch, a gnawing sensation of dread filling his abdomen.

The sound of the phone was shrill, a sharp contrast to Dembe’s soft, “Hello.”

The second his long time friend met his eyes in the rear view mirror, he knew something terrible had occurred, plans gone amiss.

Dembe handed him the phone, started the vehicle, and began to barrel down the long narrow alley before saying, “It’s Agent Keen, she’s down.”

Red moved the phone slowly to his ear and said, “Where is she?”

Aram’s voice shook with emotion and was tear filled. “Mr. Reddington, they just loaded her into the ambulance, she’s on her way to George Washington. It’s bad… she… she was asking for you. Please hurry.’ 

Two little mini fics above.


^ I second this. 


"The nature of our relationship on the show is not completely dissimilar to the nature of our relationship in life too, in that we’re on this strange trip together and to a certain degree both of us have to cling to one another. You know the character I play in this is very isolated. Besides his security team, he’s on his own a lot. He has a lot of associates but not many intimate in his life, and she’s very important to him.” - James Spader

"James and I are really finding a rhythm in our working relationship. We have a respect for one another. Obviously, I respect him, and I worked very hard to rise to the occasion to work with him, and I feel like he’s gained a respect for me through that, and it’s been a very fulfilling work relationship. It dawned on me recently that I probably won’t ever have another actor in my life that I work with as much as I work with James barring any future television show, but I mean this is going to be- if the show continues its success- one of the longest and deepest working relationships I’ll ever have. So, in that regard, it’s very important to me, and he’s very important to me.” -  Megan Boone

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